Why do we start with our worldview?

We want to build trusting relationships — to be transparent why we do what we do, and why we say what we say.  Our worldview determines our philosophical or theological framework. Our philosophical framework determines our ethical values. Our ethical values determines what we say (our statements) and what we do (our programs).

In a multicultural and pluralist globality, it is good to be honest and transparent about our perspectives.  No one looks at reality with a naked eye. We see reality with our own set of lenses — cultural, spiritual, philosophical.

We see the world from the lenses of our faith1. We belong to a Christian community. We see reality from a Christian worldview. We believe that, originally, the Creator designed the whole creation as shalom-reality. There was complete harmony between the Creator and human beings, between human beings and other human beings, between human beings and the creation or nature. But somehow along the way, human beings chose to be selfish and marred the harmonious relationships of our existence with greedy attitudes and unjust systems.

This faith, however, came to us like a seedling planted in a pot filled with the soil of Western Culture. The seed, along with the Western cultural soil, survived in our land. But it did not thrive. So, we reflected on our journey of faith to make sure that the Gospel Seed is actually planted on our own cultural soil — to thrive, and not merely survive.

Our missionary endeavor is one of the many ministries and advocacies2 who believe that the Creator is redeeming the Divine Creation towards a new shalom-reality. This belief motivates us to do the work of peace and reconciliation with perseverance and hope!


1. Our particular Christian set of beliefs is of a Mennonite tradition.

2. We work with all  ideological, political, and religious groups, yet we remain faithful with our conviction for Active Non-Violence.



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Salam-Shalom is harmony with the Creator.  This is spiritual transformation.  True peace starts with the Creator.  Christians believe this.  Muslims believe this.  Most Indigenous Peoples believe this.  Christians and Muslims definitely have to delineate and have dialogue with each other on how peace with God can be experienced.  For us Christians, it’s through faith in …


STANDARDS GOVERNING OUR ACTIONS We will do our best to live by the following standards as we interact with people and as we do our work. 1.  Love. We will love all people unconditionally and we will practice selfless love to the point of offering our lives to the people with whom we are called to live …


PAR is PEACE AND RECONCILIATION. PAR is the heart of our ministry. PEACE. The concept of peace — from the Hebrew term shalom and the Arabic term salaam —  is understood here as: Harmony with the Creator (spiritual transformation); Harmony with our Being (psycho-social transformation); Harmony with Others (socio-political transformation); and, Harmony with the Creation (economic-ecological transformation). RECONCILIATION. This is focused on building relationships …


OUR PRAYER FOR NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION DURING OUR COMMISSIONING SERVICE Almighty God, You are the purpose of our existence, and the reason for our being is to glorify You, and You alone, our Creator. We seek to submit our creativity to You, our Creator; We seek to continually experience both the transcendent and the immanent Shalom we have in …

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