DANN: To establish PeaceBuilders Community, Inc. (PBCI) as a growing and self-sustaining ministry in the context of Philippine realities. PBCI trains peace and reconciliation leaders and field volunteers — peace building operatives, conflict transformation specialists, and restorative justice practitioners — who are dreaming and working together for a just, radical, and active non-violent transformation of our beautiful land. We normally work in partnership with religious institutions, civil society organizations, political fronts, business corporations, and government agencies.



JOJI: To establish Coffee For Peace (CFP) until it becomes a profitable business that would enrich farmers, protect the environment, and support peacebuilders. Coffee For Peace is an inclusive development corporation. CFP is also a community of consultants — conscientious individuals who are passionate about business-for-profit, addressing social issues that concerns our farmers, our environment, and the peace situation in our land by advocating Fair Trade in the coffee industry. Joji and CFP see the multiplication of social entrepreneurs — the nonviolent, positive revolutionaries — as a socio-economic movement to achieve justice and peace in our society and in our environment.





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