In the biblical worldview, the Resurrection is the preview of the final destiny of the human journey and a foretaste of the final condition of our humanity.

Life is the final reality; not death. Hope is the final outlook; not despair. Good is the final value; not evil. Love is the final energy of the cosmos; not hate. Peace is the final destiny of all relationships; not war.

The theatre of the Risen Messiah’s death and resurrection is the human history. History is God’s story. Because Christ is the First Born in the Resurrection Reality, ordinary people like us are invited to be artist-participants and are given freedom to express our own personal creativity to realize our role in God’s Cosmic Story.

God directs the Story. In this Story, our role might end in a horrible death after a series of painful experiences of suffering. In this Story, each of us will have to interact with other artist-participants in the midst of human suffering and even in the midst of death.

In this Story, the selfish ego is not the center. From the perspective of modern individualism, this is not the way to live. But the theatre of life is God’s Cosmos, not the individual’s own world. History is God’s story, not of the ego’s story. We have to make the decision how each one of us would act, when the Director personally queues us in.

The Story of God ends in Hope, Justice, Righteousness, and Peace. That’s what the Great Script says when humanity, through Christ, experienced the injection of Resurrection Reality and the Resurrection Power in this space-time continuum.

People who align themselves with the Resurrection Reality are called to advance Life and not death; Hope and not despair; Good and not evil; Love and not hate; Peace and not war. The Resurrection People who resist the prevailing values of death, despair, evil, hate, and war will surely face sufferings and trials. Many of them may be in the middle of a crisis right now. Many of them may be experiencing a series of painful experiences inherent in the life of Resurrection Reality agents. They may even end up dying as martyr-witnesses.

Because of the Resurrection, we now know how the Great Story ends. In this Story of Resurrection-powered Reality, the Resurrection People lives as liberated artist-participants. The Great Story is in the here-and-now. The Great Story will surely end up realizing Jesus’ prayer: “…your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10 NIV)

And those of us, who chose to live under the Resurrection Reality, will continue to live our respective lives and will do our respective roles, with renewed hope, sustained joy, and transcendent energy!

Happy Resurrection Day!

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