We seek to–

:: submit our creativity
to the creativity
of the Creator;

:: continually experience both
the transcendent and
the immanent
of the Christ;

:: be consistently energized
by the ultimate energy
of the Comforter.

We are plowshares,
and pruning hooks;
transformed and
re-shaped from the
best spear and
sword materials.

We love the beauty of God’s creation;
We’re curious and amazed by the
human imagination and creativity.

We dream of a socio-political transformation where,
through active non-violent means, our people can–

:: assert our national sovereignty
and independence
from foreign domination
and control;

:: promote a self-reliant and sustainable
socio-economic development through—
genuine land reform,
nation-building industrialization, and
protection of the environment;

:: uphold the social and economic welfare
of workers, peasants and other
marginalized sectors;

:: guarantee the right to self-determination
of the Bangsamoro, Cordillera and other
indigenous peoples; and,

:: advance a comprehensive policy on
peace negotiations.

We love discussing issues on
environmental care, and
conflict transformation
with close friends over
pure arabica coffee,
or red wine,
or light beer,
or fresh fruit juices.

We feel so proud being the parents of
L’nielle Joy,

We’re sooo in-loved with our grandchildren–
Kiana Gabrielle,
Elia Lynn,
Eyna Crimson,
Kaya Sydelle,
Eve Librada,
Emelia Leonila, and
Zylie Estrella.

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LifeSurfers. PeaceBuilders. FairTraders. BestFriends. GrandParents.DancePartners. VisionCasters. BusinessTeam. Dann Pantoja (aka Lakan Sumulong) studied theology at Febias College (B.A., 1979). He finished Asian Studies at the University of the Philippines (M.A., 1982). While serving as a pastor in Olongapo City, he was politically active against the Marcos dictatorial rule. In 1986, he and his family migrated …


LéLé, Kaya, Kiana, and Allan Joji Alethea is our first child. We call her LéLé. She is the principal designer at LéLéChan Designs. She’s married to Allan Chan. They have two daughters–Kiana and Kaya.    


Eliczar, Emelia Leonora, Eve Librada, L’nielle Joy, and Elia Lynn    L’nielle Joy is our second child. We call her LJ. She is the owner and principal consultant at L’nielle Joy Beauty & Style. She’s also helping her sister as creative director at Lé Soirées Weddings and Events. She and her husband, Eliczar Cajigas, are raising their …


Mandy, Eyna Crimson, Zylie Estrella, Byron Bee   Daniel Byron is our third and youngest child. We call him Bee. He’s the Quality Manager at Coffee For Peace in Davao City. He’s married to Mandy Velasco. They have two daughters — Eyna Crimson and Zylie Estrella.

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