The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear this term is that of a noun — a ridge or swell moving through or along the surface of a large body of water.

This is our image of The Great Creator’s work of shalom-building in the world today.

We are peace and reconciliation missionaries sent to the Philippines by our home community, Peace Mennonite Church, in partnership with Mennonite Church Canada. We are not in the mission field to create waves of peace. We are in the mission field because The Great Creator is already creating exciting and significant waves of love, joy, peace, justice, and hope in the lives of individuals, communities, and people groups. We are simply surfing on The Great Creator’s exciting waves!

Waves can also be understood as a verb. A person waves when she makes a signal with an up-and-down or back-and-forth movement of the hand or an object held in the hand. We are waving at our fellow Canadians to come and join us in this exciting work of peace and reconciliation. Pray with us. Give with us. Learn with us. Volunteer in the field with us.

In Physics, the term waves is used to describe energy movement. Waves is energy. Waves is energy disturbance traveling through a medium by which energy is transferred from one particle of the medium to another without causing any permanent displacement of the medium itself. A wave is a graphic representation of the variation of such a disturbance with time. A wave is a single cycle of such a disturbance.

The Great Creator’s grace, mercy, power, justice, and peace can be likened to a series of waves. For people who find themselves too bored with their static routine and meaningless lifestyle, we pray that God may disturb you with the Spirit’s waves of conviction, enlightenment, wisdom, and appropriate action. For people who are tired and weary because of too much movements that don’t seem to be meaningful and significant, may the Spirit of The Great Creator embrace you with waves of grace and peace.

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We are sent by Mennonite Church Canada Witness in partnership with our international community.