The Indigenous Peoples and the Moros of Mindanao have affirmed their commitment to justice-based peacebuilding during the celebration of their kinship last March 08, 2015 in Tulugan, Barangay Sungko, Lantapan Municipality, Bukidnon Province.

The IPs are un-Islamized and un-Christianized Austronesian peoples of Mindanao, namely Erumanen ne Menuvu`, Matigsalug Manobo, Agusanon Manobo, Dulangan Manobo, Dabaw Manobo, Ata Manobo, B’laan, Kaulo, Banwaon, Teduray, Lambangian, Higaunon, Dibabawon, Mangguwangan, Mansaka, Mandaya, K’lagan, T’boli, Mamanuwa, Talaandig, Tagabawa, Ubu`, Tinenanen, Kuwemanen, K’lata and Diyangan.

The Moros are made up of three larger tribes and ten smaller tribes. They are the Maguindanaon of North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao provinces, the Maranao of the Lanao provinces and the Tausug of the Sulu Archipelago. Smaller groups include the Banguingui, Samal and the Bajau of the Sulu Archipelago; the Yakan of Basilan and Zamboanga del Sur, the Illanun of Lanao provinces and Davao and Sangir of Davao, the Molbog of southern Palawan and the Jama Mapuns of Tawi-Tawi Island.

We, at Peacebuilders Community, have witnessed this growing and deepening reaffirmation of kinship between them for the past four years.

This kinship is based on 5 pillars established in the traditional peace pact of their ancestors:

  • Co-operation;
  • Mutual Sharing of Information;
  • Mutual Protection of Life;
  • Recognition and Respect; and,
  • Mutual Obligation to Help the Needy.

They also expressed their support to “All Out Peace” in Mindanao.





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