A prayer for peace for my beloved people in this beautiful land, especially these days when our people are so divided and the horizon seems to be too dark:


For the success of the Duterte government in its vision to fight against corruption, criminality, and drugs; for the determination of the government to stop the spate of killings and to pursue justice for all victims of human rights violations; for the legislature to stop the reinstatement of the death penalty; for the all-out war to stop; for the resumption of the peace talks; for the successful implementation of federalism in the context of the differing cultures of our various regions.


For the success of the People Power movement to be faithful in renouncing the abusive, destructive regime of the Marcoses starting from the traumas of Martial Law to the present revisionism of history; for the Cojuangco-Aquino clans to face justice regarding the traumas suffered by the peasants at the Hacienda Luisita Massacre and the farmers during the Mendiola Massacre.


For the success of the National Democratic Front in advancing pro-people policies and justice-based peace for the masses; for their continuing courage and energy to advance our liberation from the oppression of bureaucrat-capitalism and our liberation from US imperialism; for a bilateral ceasefire and mechanism for the security of the masses; for an open-minded approach to assess the sustainability and impact of armed-struggle vis-a-vis the regenerative impact of active non-violent approach towards radical transformation as seen in many movements in other parts of the world.


For the success of the Cordillera People’s struggle to attain genuine autonomy and for them to enjoy their right to self determination in their liberated ancestral domain; for the continuing reflection on the enhancement of their inter-tribal conflict transformation processes in the context of their cultural values.


For the success of the various Indigenous Peoples in liberating, defending, protecting and preserving their respective ancestral domains and to enjoy their right to self-determination in accordance with their own worldviews, value systems, and customary laws.


For the success of the Bangsamoro to enjoy their right to self-determination in a liberated ancestral domain where they can enjoy the stewardship of their natural resources and to live their lives in accordance with their Islamic values.


“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” ~ Jesus, The Carpenter




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