I am grateful to the Great Creator for this privilege of going through, and completing, the Master of Entrepreneurship (ME) program from the Ateneo de Manila University – Graduate School of Business. The program started in September 2015 and concluded in July 2017.

This afternoon, I finally marched along the aisle, went up on stage, and officially received my degree along with my classmates.

The ME program, according to the Graduate School of Business Handbook, “is geared towards honing the entrepreneurial personality.”

It fits well with my busy schedule because it is designed as “a course in creative leadership,” integrating my peace and reconciliation fieldwork as the laboratory of my training as an entrepreneurial development leader. This holistic approach to a master’s program assisted me in developing Coffee For Peace, Inc. “to optimum levels of productivity, profitability and professionalism.”

As I continue following my passion, God opens up opportunities to equip me. One of them was my studies at Graduate School for Business, Ateneo de Manila University.

Thank you Lakan Sumulong, for your loving support. Thank you for reminding me to be always grounded. Thank you for taking on the responsibilities at our haven of Peace in Davao, during my one week per month absence for 18 months.

Thank you LéLé Pantoja Chan, L’nielle Cajigas, and Byron Pantoja for believing and cheering for me. You are one of the sources of my passion.

Thank you Noel and Maria Theresa Bautista Alparas and family for taking care of me while in Manila.

Thank you Ate Edna Pantoja and Mary Selorio for caring for me with your delicious meals every time I go back home.

Thank you, partner coffee farmers from Davao, Sarangani, Bukidnon, and Kalinga. You serve as my inspiration in believing that it is possible to achieve quality coffee and relational harmony, when you put your heart and hard work together.

Thank you my partner field Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) ambassadors: Twinkle Alngag Bautista, Sihaya Ansibod, Clay Rojo, June Rojo, Aiza Wanay, Malou Alngag. This is the hearbeat of why we do what we do.

Thank you Coffee For Peace Shop, Coffee For Peace Bistro, Kapeyapaan. Your space and presence educates coffee lovers on our advocacy on being part of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in promoting peace, environment, and farmers.


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