Looking at parts of Southern Mindanao from Mount Matutum, the ancestral domain of the B’laan People. One of these days, the Indigenous Peoples’ right to self determination and their way of living will resurrect from the past and present colonial powers.

Happy Resurrection Day!

I believe that Jesus rose from the dead not merely as a religious dogma that can be self-serving and at times used as a bigoted “I-am-right-you-are-wrong” statement.

I believe the Resurrection because —

  • I see Life transcending the seeming finality of death;
  • I see the Light surpassing the seeming endlessness of darkness;
  • I see Justice overcoming the seeming endless oppression of the powerless by the powerful;
  • I see Hope out-living despair and hopelessness;
  • I see peace in the face of people struggling in the midst of unpeace that surround them;
  • I see Love conquering hatred and healing the wounds of bitterness;
  • I see Compassion embracing all humanity and all creation as one inter-connected, mutually-energizing reality.


I see Reality from the lenses of Resurrection.

Christ is Risen!

Let’s Celebrate Life!

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