PeaceBuilders Community, Inc. (PBCI) and Coffee for Peace (CFP) proceed with their service to train farmers in social entrepreneurial skills. With compliance to public health and safety protocols, Kapeyapaan Farmers Association (KFA) in Alegre, Bansalan started their 3rd month of training last 15-16 March 2021, while the KFA in Binaton, Digos City started their 2nd month last 18-19 March 2021.

KFA Alegre

The 12 participants from different farming households in Barangay Alegre is on their 3rd month of training as founding leaders of the Kapeyapaan Farmers Association.

Our partner farmers were welcomed with coffee and bibingka (Filipino rice cake), as Aldren Banal opened the first day and asked everyone how they were and what they remember from last month’s training. After, Ama Lakan together with Sihaya Ansibod shared the benefits of being a ‘farmerpreneur’ in the frame of Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) principles and practices. In the afternoon, Sonny Bautista presented a hands-on rinsing of coffee cherries, showed everyone the pulping station, and demonstrated coffee drying techniques.

The next day, Ina Joji Pantoja together with Sonny Bautista, showed everyone the hulling station, shared the proper ways to prepare seedlings, and then later on demonstrated how to plant on a seed bed. 

It was a productive 3rd month of training together with our partner coffee farmers in Alegre, Bansalan, Davao del Sur.

Barangay Binaton

The Binaton Bagobo Tagabawa Farmers Livelihood Association (BBTAFLA) in Digos City started their 2nd month of training and warmly welcomed us with their Kape Madigger. We arrived in the Bagobo Tagabawa tribal village that morning and had a enjoyable experience appreciating their tribal houses built with bamboo. 

We were also privileged to get a visit from Kublai Millan, a National Artist based in Mindanao; and, Datu Rogelio Manapol, the provincial tribal chieftain of Davao del Sur. They introduced the planned construction of the Rimpong Peace Memorial to the tribe. The whole day was just filled with sensational indigenous food.

On the next day, Sihaya Ansibod and Aldren Banal started the Coffee Quality Training, where each group showed us their present knowledge on seedling preparation which was then followed with a hands-on preparation of a seed bed. 

Afterwards, Ina Joji Pantoja shared a talk about women as entrepreneurs to highlight the power of Indigenous women in society, in line with the celebration of Women’s Month.

The training ended with a hopeful message from the tribal chieftain, Bai Jerlina Owok, reiterating the tribe’s dreams of being fruitful social entrepreneurs.

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