Our home community, Peace Mennonite Church in Richmond, British Columbia, sent us to the Philippines in partnership with Mennonite Church Canada to start a peace building ministry in Mindanao.

We started PeaceBuilders Community in January 2006 and incorporated it with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines in December 2006.

What kind of peace we’re dreaming of:
:: Harmony with the Creator.  This is Spiritual Transformation.
:: Harmony with our Being.  This is Psycho-Social Transformation.
:: Harmony with Others.  This is Socio-Political Transformation.
:: Harmony with the Creation.  This is Economic-Ecological Transformation.

What we dream of being:
:: We dream to be a peace-building community—we’ll seek to demonstrate in our own lives and in our relationships the kind of harmonious and transformational peace we’re hoping for
:: We dream to be peace-building operatives—we’ll devote the same discipline and self-sacrifice to non-violent peacemaking that armies devote to war.

What we dream of doing:
:: To equip and multiply effective Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) Leaders for the global realities of the 21st Century
:: To support the PAR Leaders in organizing and nurturing their initial PAR Teams of volunteers in local conflict zones
:: To establish at least one contextually-relevant PAR Community in each of the 81 provinces in our country as home for local PAR Teams
:: To develop a national Network of PAR Communities that would work together to train more leaders, to organize more teams, and to establish more communities

What we dream of having:
:: We dream of having a Network of Peace and Reconciliation Communities throughout our beautiful land, who are organized in partnership with various parts of the Body of Christ, who are mobilized to do ministries of justice and peace in the name of Jesus, and who will lovingly serve all the peoples of our land unconditionally regardless of religion, ethnicity, or political ideology, to the end that our land will experience holistic transformation!

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We are sent by Mennonite Church Canada Witness in partnership with our international community.