Dedicated to Lele, LJ, Byron and their loved-ones whom I love so much.


:: My fatherly-instincts — toughness, determination, and leadership presence — are very important for the survival and security of my family. Such instincts, however, need to be balanced and enhanced with motherly instincts — love, care, and listening heart.

:: I must understand and appreciate the ‘fire’ inside the being of my children. Such ‘fire’ fuels them to seek the fire of Life, the fire of Love, and the fire of their respective ‘Tomorrows’.

:: ‘Tomorrow’ can be ‘a place’ where I must go. It always take a fresh, hope-full state-of-being for me to choose a very challenging, uncertain, and difficult path to go to the Land of Tomorrow.

:: Living in my own ‘cave’ or my safe zone is not as life-enhancing as exploring The Open Space of Tomorrow — the beautiful, challenging horizon that’s ahead of me.

:: ‘New’ is not dangerous. ‘Old’ is not always safe. My LifeSkills must constantly change with my new LifeContexts.

:: To survive global mega-changes, I must follow the Light and keep seeking to follow the Light. I must not be tempted to backslide in my old and dark cavefolk orientation.

:: I must not take for granted the life-saving power of having life-sharing ideas, especially when those ideas come from my sons-in-law who truly loves my daughters.

:: Family survival, growth, and development is best achieved through loving, transparent, dialogical, communal decision-making processes.

:: I must lead my family to go to the beach, enjoy the sun, play on the sand, swim in the water, eat good food, embrace each other, and follow the Light together.

:: I must preserve family memories by taking ‘snap shots’.

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