My good friend and fellow peace advocate, Shirlyn Macasarte Villanueva, reports that, “Today, a Rural Transit bus from Wao going to Cagayan was bombed. Casualties reported mostly are students: 11 dead and 20 wounded. It exploded in front of the Central Mindanao University in Musuan Bukidnon.”

A major news network is developing their news report on this.

I condemn this cowardly act! I pray for the cessation of hostilities in Mindanao.

I believe that a vast majority of Mindanaoans — Lumad, Moro, Migrants — are tired of the violent approach in settling conflicts. While Mindanaoans are realistic in facing the real issues involving conflict — land, justice, economics, etc. — most of us have expressed our preference for active non-violent approach to resolving our real conflicts.

I pray for justice for those who died and for those who were wounded in this bombing.

I pray for justice among the masses — Lumad, Moro, Migrants — who are being oppressed and are bound by unpeace.
:: May they all experience peace in their land.
:: May they all experience peace at the meal table with plenty.
:: May they all experience peace in their livelihood where the fruit of their work and labor bring dignity to their humanity.
:: May they all experience peace at home where people are actually enjoying the happiness of ‘being a family.’
:: May they all experience peace in their respective neighborhoods where they actually enjoy trusting their neighbors who are also proving themselves to be trustworthy.
:: May they experience the embrace of their community in their respective local governments where the stewardship of wealth and power is characterized by good, ethical, governance and social responsibility of each citizen.

God of love, please raise up more people who would love this, our beloved, beautiful Mindanao, as an act of service to You — our Creator.

God of peace and justice, please raise up more people who would work for genuine justice and peace in this rich land, as an expression of obedience to You — our Provider.


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