Life, not death.
No to kill-culture!
Yes to the culture of life.
Embrace all who live!


Hope, not despair.
The present is Hope.
The already; the not-yet –
New Reality!


Light, not darkness.
Darkness a cocoon,
The tomb was really a womb –
New Life emerging!


Courage, not fear.
Greedy world powers –
They build terror-structures;
Soon will be transformed.


Truth, not lies.
All shall come to light!
Lies, made-up realities,
Deception, vanquished!


Joy, not sorrow.
Pain will be no more,
Tears of joy, not of sorrow;
Here is tomorrow!


Justice, not oppression.
Law of equity –
Rule of injustice destroyed.
The Kingdom has come!


Peace, not violence.
You destroyed the Beast,
Govern us and wars will cease.
Come, oh Prince of Peace!


Love, not hatred.
Despite hate and rage,
Great Commandment does ascend.
God’s love transcends all!



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