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Kublai Milan, his wife Maan, Dann, and I had a meeting about a children’s coloring project he’s working on in partnership with the University PAR Team of PeaceBuilders Community. We’re now ready to print them.

Book One is about Peace.

Book Two is about Joy.

Book Three is about Love.

Dann and I were so happy to see the whole Milan family. Maan and I had a few moments to update each other with our respective journeys.

Kublai shared his new huge visual arts projects in various places in Mindanao. It’s so energizing and refreshing to listen to his creative ideas.

Maan and Kublai also helped us take care of Akira–the daughter of Frani Catua, one of our baristas at CFP.

Kubing and Kunta, the two sons of Kublai and Maan, enjoyed our fresh juice and pastries at CFP.

What a great Saturday afternoon with a beautiful family!

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Pastors and bishops from both the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) and the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) met to formally organize the Peace and Reconciliation Community of La Union Province (PAR La Union). They are joined by a number of academic leaders, Christian NGO leaders, local government officials, police officers, and youth leaders.

This organizational meeting is the culmination of a series of consultation and seminar sessions on Peace and Reconciliation which were facilitated by PeaceBuilders Community, Inc. (PBCI).

Dr. Mariano Apilado, a native of Caba Municipality, La Union Province, and Bishop Jun Tarlit of Christian Leaders’ Alliance In Ministering La Union (CLAIM LU), guided the process of organization.

Union Christian College hosted the meeting and some of their senior staff serve as secretariat.

PBCI serves as peace education consultants and technical support team.

19 May 2011. San Fernando City, La Union Province.


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Reported by
REGINA MONDEZ, Development Communication Specialist, PeaceBuilders Community

On December 2009, Peacebuilders Community, Inc. (PBCI) and Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) started a project on Disaster Risk Management. After a year, we have already trained one PAR community, consisting of 30 members, in the Province of Nueva Ecija.
They were trained for one year in Peace and Reconciliation Seminars 1-3, and Disaster Risk Management. (See stories on: PAR 1 SeminarPAR 2 Seminar, PAR 3 Seminar, CBDRM trainingCommunity risk Assessment, TOT and GraduationOfficers’ meetingConsultation)

On February 21, 2011, all the members of PAR NE were very excited for their reunion. They all shared stories and updated each other upon their arrival. It was the first time they met PBCI Director of Field Operations – Kriz Cruzado, who facilitated their impact assessment and Focused Group Discussion.

They were all active and participative, given the lively approach of the facilitator. They also felt happy with the presence of Bruce and Helen Glick from the Mennonite Central Committee.

They gave positive comments and feedbacks about the training on Disaster Risk Management, although some of them were not able to attend the PAR trainings. Because of this, they requested to conduct PAR 1-3 seminar again, so they could also invite more people from the 4th District of Nueva Ecija.

During their timeline making, some of them had a hard time recalling what happened during a certain month, and yet they were very eager to share and help each other recall what they have done. They told stories with much excitement as they recall their experiences. In fact, one of the most exciting experience that the pastors recalled was the Armed-Conflict Area Survival Training (ACAST) that they held on May 2010. They were very happy recalling how they crawled and rolled and carried each other.

Overall, they gave a positive feedback about the training and would want to share this to more people in their province.

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