Kublai Milan, his wife Maan, Dann, and I had a meeting about a children’s coloring project he’s working on in partnership with the University PAR Team of PeaceBuilders Community. We’re now ready to print them.

Book One is about Peace.

Book Two is about Joy.

Book Three is about Love.

Dann and I were so happy to see the whole Milan family. Maan and I had a few moments to update each other with our respective journeys.

Kublai shared his new huge visual arts projects in various places in Mindanao. It’s so energizing and refreshing to listen to his creative ideas.

Maan and Kublai also helped us take care of Akira–the daughter of Frani Catua, one of our baristas at CFP.

Kubing and Kunta, the two sons of Kublai and Maan, enjoyed our fresh juice and pastries at CFP.

What a great Saturday afternoon with a beautiful family!

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