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Standing (L-R): Dann Pantoja, Aki Andaya, Fread De Mesa, Bryan Jay Paler; Sitting (L-R): Twinkle Bautista, Nori Salita, Regina Mondez, Pionel Giray


The Executive Committee of the Youth for Social Action (YSA) went through Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) Seminar Facilitators’ Training Program. YSA is “an evangelical youth movement committed in creatively engaging society towards social transformation, by providing trainings and venues for direct involvement in grass roots communities–national and global level.”

PeaceBuilders Community Inc (PBCI) facilitated this training program that is committed to biblical, active non-violent, radical transformation of our land that leads to just-peace. This PAR Facilitators’ Training program is offered to church leaders, Christian organization executives, local government officials, military and police officers, and other sectoral leaders across the Philippines.

The Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches’ PAR Commission (PCEC PARCom) sponsored this particular leaders’ training for the Executive Committee of Youth for Social Action.

May 30-31, 2011. Tagaytay City.

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The Ministers’ League of Zambales (MLZ) and the Asian Center for Leadership Education and Development (ACLEAD) invited the Peace and Reconciliation Commission of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC-PARCom) to conduct a seminar series on Peace Education among their pastors and other sectoral leaders of the Province of Zambales.

Ms Susan Granada, National Coordinator of PCEC-PARCom, and Dann Pantoja, President of PeaceBuilders Community Inc (PBCI), were tasked to facilitate the orientation seminar held at the Transformational Learning Center (TLC) in Iba, Zambales. The theme of the initial session of this four-month seminar series was Building Bridges, Sustained Peace in Our Communities. Dann & Susan were assisted by the volunteers from the Youth for Social Action, an evangelical movement advocating for an active non-violent, radical transformation of the Filipino youth.

Through the spiritual leadership of Bishop Virginio Ducos (TLC Director) and the coordination of Rev. David Banaag (MLZ President), 38 participants came–pastors, ministry leaders, civil society leaders, police officers, military officers, and local government officials. Bishop Ducos said that there were more than 60 people who pre-registered to participate. But because of the approaching super typhoon Chedeng (Songda), around 25 pastors and ministry leaders decided to stay home. (The typhoon, however, changed its direction and missed the general area where we were. The whole seminar day was very sunny and hot!)

At the end of the day, 31 pastors and ministry leaders made a commitment to be trained to become part of the PAR Community in Zambales. The training will continue in the next four months.

God willing, a new PAR Zambales would be organized in September.



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Reported by
MS REGINA MONDEZ, Development Communication Specialist, PeaceBuilders Community

On November 8, 2010, PeaceBuilders Community Inc (PBCI) Field Operations Team traveled to Cotabato City to explore the possibility of organizing a Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) Community in this area. The team met with 15 participants from various Churches and Christian organizations to discuss and reflect on PAR ministries.

The meeting began with a presentation of PBCI’s vision to establish at least one PAR Community in each of the 81 provinces in the Philippines.  Rev. L. Daniel Pantoja, Founding President of PBCI, shared the sad realities we are currently facing: “Unjust Globalism—poor countries are oppressed and suppressed by powerful nations and multinational corporations.  Conflicted Land—our government is wasting huge amounts from our scarce resources due to armed conflicts against our own people.  Violence of Injustice—our people are enslaved in poverty while warlords run many of our local governments.”

But he also emphasized the fact that God is at work in our land and we are in a crucial time when God’s waves of grace and mercy are sweeping our land towards a taste of God’s shalom: “This is a kairos-moment for the Church in the Philippines.  We, at PeaceBuilders Community, sense that the Spirit of God is prompting the Body of Christ to be a mediator among various conflicting groups in our land.  What would be your response as Christian leaders in Cotabato City?”

An open forum followed.

During the forum the pastors expressed their reactions about PAR ministry. They confirmed that PAR ministry is needed in the area both within the church and with the greater community. Generally, the participants felt that PAR is both important and time sensitive for the area. They acknowledged their need to come together to have a voice in the conflict situation in their province.

It was also mentioned that getting involved in PAR ministries will require a change of mindset among the Christian community regarding their Muslim neighbors. They are aware of the gap between these two communities due to Christian prejudice against Muslim, and the need for efforts to be made to overcome this.

During our time together, we observed that the Christian community is confused about what some Muslim groups are fighting for in terms of territory and how that would affect their lives. Therefore, more dialogue between the Muslims and the Christians  is required to build mutual understanding.

The pastors in Cotabato City and surrounding areas embraced the idea of peace building and PAR ministry during this exploratory meeting. As one participant put it, “I am so happy!  With all my heart, this is the kind of peace building that I long for. This is concrete.”

The participants have confirmed, through the chairman of Cotabato City Ministerial Fellowship, Pastor Valentin Juan, that they are interested in training and will begin PAR Seminar Series in January of 2011.

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